Wednesday, 15 July 2009

'Newsagent Ken'

One of the most exciting things about the 'Gifts of Life' project is the way that it snowballs and people know someone, who knows someone... and I get to meet all these fascinating and inspiring individuals and photograph them.
The lovely Helen (who I will be photographing at work in the City at a later date..) got talking one day to her newsagent and found that he is part of a family who donated their brother's organs after he died suddenly. Ken is affectionately known as 'Newsagent Ken' and I could see in the short space of time I watched him and work and photographed him exactly why. He knew everyone who came in by name and was always smiling.
'Newsagent Ken' was keen to be involved and be photographed because he knows only too well that there is a particular shortage of organ donors, as well as blood and bone marrow donors among the Asian population and this can lead to very long waiting times for people of Asian ethnicity. Ken and his family gave the greatest gift that anyone can ever give - life to others. It was an honour to hear his story and to photograph him.

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  1. Each of these stories is lovely and touching. Thanks for telling them.