Thursday, 25 June 2009

Ladies who lunch in botanical gardens

This is the lovely Audrey. I had a wonderful morning with her on Tuesday, followed by a tasty sandwich and much needed cold lemonade - thanks Audrey! We really were 'ladies who lunch'. After so long stuck in hospitals with William over the past years, days like this are days that I haven't had the opportunity to enjoy for a long time and days that I will treasure as I look back over our early days enjoying life after transplant. It was a beautiful day so we decided to saunter around Cambridge Botanical Gardens. We wandered and nattered while I kept a look out for interesting locations. My favourite shot, and one I am holding back for the exhibition, was shot against something that is not immediately obvious as the choice shot in a botanical gardens bu was something I stumbled across and wanted to include in a photograph and I think it works well.
Audrey has cystic fibrosis, CF and her lungs are behaving themselves very well for her age. However, her liver was struggling a bit more with the disease and, after being diagnoses with 'CF related liver disease', Audrey was given a handful of extra pills to take and her liver was scanned as part of her annual review. It was during one of these routine scans that doctors discovered some worrying growths that turned out to be liver cancer. This is a difficult diagnosis for anyone to cope with but was further complicated by the fact that Audrey had just discovered she was three months pregnant. Audrey knew she could well be facing death and even planned her funeral. However, thanks to an experimental chemotherapy and the kindness of a family who donated their loved one's liver, enabling Audrey's diseased liver to be replaced, she is still her, 6 years on and is the very proud Mum of a gorgeous little boy. Audrey is an advocate for Live Life Then Give Life and more of her story can be read on their website here
It is great to meet so many inspiring people during these photo shoots. We certainly mixed the task of getting some great images with a most enjoyable time with a new friend. I am making lots of new friends as this project progresses.

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