Thursday, 14 May 2009

Lisa and Ricky - Two Lives Transformed.

Ricky had a new kidney three years ago

Lisa is full of life after receiving a double lung transplant two years ago
In the last couple of weeks, I have been photographing people waiting for transplants. It is not an accident that the project started this way. I am hoping that those waiting for their gifts of life get them very soon so am always keen to photograph those individuals as soon as possible to capture them as they wait. Today, I met Lisa and Ricky. Don't they look terrific! I met Lisa briefly three years ago at a picnic following the Hydro Active Women's Challenge when we were all dressed as pink fairies and 'Emily's Angels'. That day, I met a frail and quiet lady who sat in a wheelchair watching. Lisa is now full of life and absolutely radiant. Those who know me will know that I can chat ten times to the dozen but I more than met my match in Lisa. It is fantastic to see.
Before her transplant, Lisa was on 24 hour oxygen and, eventually, 24 hour use of a mask that mechanically helped her to breathe. She is well and truley making up for lost time socially now, always out and about doing things. I don't think I have met many more people so full of life. Lisa met Ricky in the pub one night and they soon found out that they had both had transplants. They have been great friends ever since. Ricky received a new kidney three years ago and was on dialysis every single day in the run up to his transplant.
We had lots of fun on the shoot this morning. We started off in Nonsuch Park. This suited Lisa more than Ricky. I was planning to so some posed shots and lots of candid shots in the park and then in the pub we were off to afterwards. It soon became clear that I wasn't going to get anything candid from these two as they are both great at posing for the camera and did it even when I was trying to get them off guard. This project is all about capturing people as they are and the essence of their story. So, we went for posed shots. There are some more in the gallery We got some fantastic pictures outside the pub, in front of some interesting brick work that I had spotted on my way to meeting up. The results are really fun and quirky but are not going to be posted on the blog or in the website gallery. You won't be able to see them until the exhibition opens and the book becomes available in December.

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  1. Lovely pics and great blog Sarah! I am so excited to be part of this project and can't wait to be photographed! x